Episode _ VI v0.91

If you haven’t been following the writings of Darth Vader on his ‘darthside‘ blog, then you’ve been missing out on some very humorous, but also poignant, writing. Today’s post wraps up the blog as Vader prepares for his final moments of confrontation with his destiny.

I wouldn’t qualify myself as a Star Wars Uber-fan, but I have read nearly every novel published that involves the central characters of the 6 Star Wars films (sorry, bounty hunter fans, but I just couldn’t get into those). This blog entries, especially the last half-dozen or so, iluminate the Skywalker family mythos and pathos as well as any of the novels I’ve read.

I’ll be sad if Episodes VII-IX are never made. The characters from Episodes IV-VI are still where my passion lies. The New Jedi Order books take these characters to some amazing places. I can only imagine what comes next. The story of the Skywalker family has just begun.