ABC Family show “The Fosters” gets a companion novelization


ABC Family show “The Fosters” now has an official companion novel. From author Stacy Kravetz comes “The Fosters: Keep Your Frenemies Close.”

The novel takes place over a weekend community service/extra school credit trip Callie is required to take in order to boost her history grade. To complicate things, she’s thrown together with Talya and the forced relationship between Callie and Talya takes a series of turns over the course of the book. The bright spot is a new guy, Austin, who is really into Callie–no, he’s into Talya–no, he’s into Callie. Callie and Talya reveal things to each other about their feelings for Austin, find common ground, find confidantes in each other, and bond over the work they’re doing.

thefosters-bookAlso, the relationships with the other kids on the weekend trip — a new cast of characters which will be ongoing in the book series — both create tension as well as draw Callie and Talya together.

Ultimately, they see each other as something other than rivals and find they have more in common than they’d thought. But when they return to school, they’re forced to decide whether they’re really friends. And the first person they encounter is Austin, who has transferred to their school.

This companion book is the first in a potential series based on the ABC Family series “The Fosters” and is recommended for adult readers. It’s available in print or Kindle format. Your order today helps support The Disney Blog. Thank you.