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1983 New Fantasyland TV Special

While the Magic Kingdom’s is getting an expanded Fantasyland, it’s not the first version of Fantasyland to get an upgrade. In 1983 Disneyland’s Fantasyland went from Medieval Festival to the more Medieval City setting we have now.

To help make the public aware of the changes Disneyland produced a TV special that starred the late Heather O’Rourke (Poltergeist) and also the late comedian Morey Amsterdam.

Thankfully YouTube user PokeyVision has preserved the 1 hour special. The story is a bit lite, but it works as a big commercial for the new Fantasyland giving audiences a sneak peak into the new attractions.

I vaguely remember seeing this on TV (how could you forget Morey Amsterdam’s outfit). If you want to see more of the show, it’s below the jump. It gets pretty weird down in Part 4:

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Top Disney News from April

April has been a giant month for news across the Disney spectrum. Here’s a look back at the biggest stories of the month: The New Fantasyland expansion attracted a lot of attention. Our weekly updates and the recent behind the walls video keep everyone informed… Read More »Top Disney News from April

Be Our Guest restaurant – Video of Inside the Ballroom

The Beauty and the Beast themed Be Our Guest restaurant promises to add a whole new dimension of immersive story telling as guests get the chance to be right in the memorable ballroom scene where Belle and the Beast danced together from the classic Disney animated film. Here’s a sneak peek inside the Be Our Guest ballroom with a look at the Chandeliers that will occupy much of the overhead space in the room.

The three chandeliers hang in the main dining room, the largest measuring twelve feet in length and eleven feet across with 80 lights and 100 large crystals. The two smaller chandeliers on each side measure 9.5 feet in length and eight feet across with 50 lights each. The trio of chandeliers are inspired by ones seen in the dining room in Beast’s Castle.

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New Fantasyland Expansion, Video Tour from Behind The Walls

Yesterday I had the great privilege to get a tour of the New Fantasyland expansion from Walt Disney Imagineer Chris Beatty. No photo or video was allowed on that tour, but Disney has made available the following two very recent videos from the construction site. Up first is an interview with Art Director Ted Robledo who talks about the project and what guests can expect when this exciting project is complete.

Below the jump is a more extensive look at the work being done, particularly around the Be Our Guest restaurant, Maurice’s Cottage, and The Little Mermaid attraction.

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