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1983 New Fantasyland TV Special

While the Magic Kingdom’s is getting an expanded Fantasyland, it’s not the first version of Fantasyland to get an upgrade. In 1983 Disneyland’s Fantasyland went from Medieval Festival to the more Medieval City setting we have now.

To help make the public aware of the changes Disneyland produced a TV special that starred the late Heather O’Rourke (Poltergeist) and also the late comedian Morey Amsterdam.

Thankfully YouTube user PokeyVision has preserved the 1 hour special. The story is a bit lite, but it works as a big commercial for the new Fantasyland giving audiences a sneak peak into the new attractions.

I vaguely remember seeing this on TV (how could you forget Morey Amsterdam’s outfit). If you want to see more of the show, it’s below the jump. It gets pretty weird down in Part 4:

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

And the final section, part 5

3 thoughts on “1983 New Fantasyland TV Special”

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  2. I’ve only watched Part 1 and I’m already weirded out. Who leaves their 7 year old sister to wander the park alone. “See you in an hour”?? She has no watch and probably can’t even tell time. Ack!!!

  3. Did I just watch a bunch of Disney characters wanting to feed a little girl to the crocodile because she doesn’t belive in wishes, this must have confused many kids when they saw it.

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