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New Fantasyland Expansion, Video Tour from Behind The Walls

Yesterday I had the great privilege to get a tour of the New Fantasyland expansion from Walt Disney Imagineer Chris Beatty. No photo or video was allowed on that tour, but Disney has made available the following two very recent videos from the construction site. Up first is an interview with Art Director Ted Robledo who talks about the project and what guests can expect when this exciting project is complete.

Below the jump is a more extensive look at the work being done, particularly around the Be Our Guest restaurant, Maurice’s Cottage, and The Little Mermaid attraction.

Here are a few of the great details Beatty revealed to our group: The Fairytale Forest section will be divided from the main area of Fantasyland not just by the Castle Wall, but by changes in design as well. The side of the wall facing the expansion will be more detailed with things like vines crawling over it. There will be more of a forest feel to the expansion and the paths will wind and turn resulting in more ‘ah-ha’ moments as you discover details coming out of the forest.

Unfortunately no firm dates were announced for openings. But we were reassured that they’re working as fast as they can toward opening these attractions. The dwarf’s mine train will be last.

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