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New Fantasyland Update – Magic Kingdom Expansion Progress

Took a stroll through the Magic Kingdom over the weekend and discovered that things are really in high gear throughout most of the new Fantasyland expansion project. Here are photos with some of the highlights (all the photos have larger versions if you click on them).

Work is in high gear to get the Casey Jr Soak Zone ready for the summer. Since I took this photo they’ve added even more, including many of the circus animals that will double as water fountains. Also note the landscaping and work on the red tent. Apparently the red-tent will be a meet and greet area featuring Donald, Chip & Dale, Goofy, and similar classic characters..

Although the Dumbo ‘tent’ was once all beautifully painted, they’ve stripped off that finish and started new work on the exterior.

They’re finally adding the cover to the larger tent that will be the main merchandise location for Storybook Circus.

Work continues on the Gaston’s Tavern area. The tavern is on the left with a shop on the right. Behind the tavern are the area restrooms.

More vertical work on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The dark grey steel girders are likely supports for the show building and other show elements.

Another view where you can see how tall this attraction will be. It really will feel like there is a mountain in Fantasyland.

Some bridge work and a wall that will mark the back of the Mine Train show building. Plus, finished rock work for the queue area of The Little Mermaid queue.

The old Fantasyland area will be divided from the ‘Fairytale Forest’ area by an external Castle Wall. A lot of vertical construction is now visible on the wall.

It’s quite tall near the Carousel.

Here you can see how far the wall extends. It’s almost all the way to the exit of Winnie The Pooh. Plus another view of the vertical work on the mine train roller coaster.

Thanks for coming along on the trip! Hope you enjoyed the photos.

7 thoughts on “New Fantasyland Update – Magic Kingdom Expansion Progress”

  1. Thanks for the update, I need all the Disney World I can get, 17 months before I can see it all for myself.

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  4. Hi. I will be at Disney World with my family in November. Will the Beast’s Castle be open by then? My daughter keeps asking me. Please let me know. Thank you very much! :)

  5. I will be there in late September, will the new little mermaid ride be open by then? I am super excited and this will probably be my last trip for a very long time.

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