Be Our Guest – More Video Details From Disney’s Imagineers

I guess the first video Disney World released on the gigantic chandeliers at the Beauty & The Beast themed Be Our Guest restaurant was pretty popular. They’ve now released a second video with even more information and more video of the restaurant.

That’s certainly going to be a beautiful restaurant. Perhaps not totally faithful to the movie (not enough gold going on there), but nice.

Okay. I think we’ve got the chandeliers covered. What else would you like the Imagineers to discuss from the Be Our Guest restaurant?

Previously: Update from New Fantasyland, inside Be Our Guest Restaurant.

1 thought on “Be Our Guest – More Video Details From Disney’s Imagineers”

  1. I would LOVE to see the library section of the restaurant-the ballroom and chandeliers are wonderful, but the library is my favorite :D

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