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Princess Merida – A First Look at Walk Around in the Parks

Just like a ride or a show, Disney’s walk around characters have soft openings where the character and their host get used to being in the park and interacting with guests. Princess Merida from Pixar’s Brave was recently spotted doing her thing near the International Gateway in EPCOT’s World Showcase.

I really love the character. Haven’t seem the film yet, obviously. But from the trailers it seems like they captured her well. My only beef is that she’s a bit too old compared to the young teen Merida appears to be in the movie. But I guess you have to meet certain realities when you’re in the park.

Another video below the jump:

Princess Merida will eventually have a more themed meet and greet area in the Magic Kingdom.

Thanks to Denise and Jeff from MouseSteps for sharing these videos.

8 thoughts on “Princess Merida – A First Look at Walk Around in the Parks”

  1. I think Scotland should most definitely have representation in Epcot now that Merida has arrived! =D

    1. I am sorry but the accent is AWFUL. She is no more Scottish than the Pope is. Good that she is featured in the parks already but Pleeeeeease get someone with a more convincing accent !

  2. Being Scottish, I really hope Disney are able to find fellow Scots to act in the role. The Cast Member plays the role beautifully, but the accent is lacking. However, thats to a trained Scottish ear and as you said Mr Frost, “I guess you have to meet certain realities when you’re in the park.”

    1. Totally agree with you, she looks and acts beautifully, but the accent really doesn’t sound that scottish.

  3. Hmm… I’m not too keen on her. I mean she seems nice and all, but I’m not sure what that accent is. It’s definitely not Scottish.

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