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Arjun – Disney’s first animated film from India

Earlier this year Disney bought a controlling interest in the Indian movie studio UTV and now that relationship is paying off with Arjun: The Warrior Prince, the first animated feature to be produced and released in India by Disney. Arjun is a mythological Indian hero and the movie follows his epic story from youth to warrior.

The trailer is in Hindi, but you can still get a good idea of the story without understanding the dialogue.

The trailer that shows some pretty decent animation, although clearly not up to Disney’s state-side animation standards. That day may come, however, if not in India in China were Disney has similar deals with studios.

Arjun has been in production since at least 2008. In fact, you can see an earlier trailer claiming the film will open in 2009 here.

Arjun opens May 25 in India, no word if there will be a US release.