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Move over Rapunzel, there’s a new Princess in Town. Merida moving into Magic Kingdom

Even though the lines never cease for Rapunzel’s dance and greet experience in the Fairytale Garden (formerly Storytime with Belle), the long haired princess is being relocated to Adventureland (bumping The Little Mermaid) as Disney prepares to add a red-hair Scottish lass, Princess Merida, to its line up.

Merida will also be added to Disneyland in a camp like setting near “it’s a small world”.

At both locations guests will have the opportunity to partake in experiences from the film. Also, Joining Merida will be the three bear cubs from the film, who will no doubt be up to plenty of mischief.

“These new play and greet experiences at both parks will immerse our guests in ‘Brave,’ giving them the opportunity to be a part of Merida’s Scottish clan,” said Creative Director Reed Jones. “And we’re all excited to have the bear cubs join Merida with their silly antics, creating a whole new way to bring our beloved Disney Characters to life.”

I like that Disney has decided to upgrade the typical meet and greet experience into something more interaction based. It’s a shame that the funding for that is coming from the studio marketing efforts for the film, and not because the park finds that guests like to have experiences like this. The current Tangled location will close April 15 and the new version should open Mid-May.

(concept art courtesy Disney)

7 thoughts on “Move over Rapunzel, there’s a new Princess in Town. Merida moving into Magic Kingdom”

  1. It also means that, much like the Riverboat show for Princess and the Frog, that his is likely to be temporary.

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  3. so if Merida is taking Rapunzel’s place and Rapunzel is taking Ariel’s place then where is Ariel going? I know she’ll eventually have a new meet & greet by her new ride in the new fantasyland but I wonder what’s going to happen in between then.

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