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Walt Disney World Monorail to get The Avengers Treatment

First there was the Tronorail, now we have the Avengerail? Avengorail? Whatever. Disney officially announced today what had been rumored for a few months, an monorail of the fleet will get a wrap treatment for the new Disney/Marvel movie The Avengers.

I’m pretty happy about this, although there are some who believe Disney and Marvel should not mix. Turns out Universal Studios’ lawyers feel the same way. Disney will not be able to run the Avengerail on the EPCOT Loop because that would mean the train actually goes into the theme park and would violate the exclusive contract Universal Orlando has for certain Marvel characters in a 250 mile radius of Islands of Adventure.

So keep an eye on the sky for The Avengers, but only on the express or resort monorail loops. What do you think of the concept art above?


6 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Monorail to get The Avengers Treatment”

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  3. I hate to say this, but good for Universal. The last time Disney decorated monorailsv for a movie, they looked awful. They look great as they are. If it’s not broke . . .

  4. I LOVE this! I never saw the Tronorail, but the concept art looks great! Although I don’t like Disney stepping on Universal’s toes. Disney has enough of their own characters to do this with in my opinion.

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