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Avengorail on Track

Video has rolled in off the internets of The Avengers monorail on the track at Walt Disney World. This was shot yesterday.

Thanks to Jeff and Denise from MouseSteps for the above video. Here’s another video from Inside the Magic below the jump:

Previously: The Avengers Monorail wrap coming to Walt Disney World.

8 thoughts on “Avengorail on Track”

  1. I was okay with the Tronorail but this doesn’t work for me for some reason and I am very excited for The Avengers

  2. @Kevin: Totally agree.

    I thought the Tronorail was in good fun, and at least thematically appropriate. The Avengorail seems so out of place, especially running on the Resort Line…it’s really not much different than a metro bus being wrapped in an advertisement. It just doesn’t have much charm.

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