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Disneyland’s Ragtime Pianist: Michael Pollock

For many years the words “Ragtime at Disneyland” were synonymous with Rod Miller. But before Rod there were other pianists and after Rod there is a new group of talented performers. One of those performers is Michael Pollock. He’s developing his own following and is known for his humor.

If you can’t make it to Main St. USA in Disneyland where Michael Pollock, aka “Ragtime Michael,” is a featured piano soloist you can purchase his new album titled “Ragtime Michael: Tickles the Ivories“. It was created to help guests remember their visit to the original Magic Kingdom and the experience of hearing Michael play in person, but it’s a wonderful collection of Ragtime music (including a few Disneyland songs) either way.

The tracks are carefully selected, most-requested songs, and each is guaranteed to make you smile. Kids like the “rinky-tink” energy, and adults will further appreciate the musical accuracy at warp speed, and infectious grooves on the easier going tunes. The selections will amaze you with how detailed his riffs get and yet you still hear every note distinctly.

If you can’t get to Disneyland and hear this kind of expert ivory tickling live, get this CD and enjoy it anywhere you happen to be.

The track list and a short interview with Michael is below the cut:

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I still Heart Mickey says Miley Cyrus

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet equivilant of those supermarket tabloid rags. Miley Cyrus and her dad are perfectly happy serving out the end of their sentence on Disney’s Hannah Montana. Sure, she could make more money in film or music. But what… Read More »I still Heart Mickey says Miley Cyrus

Fall lineup for Eat to the Beat at EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival announced

Ten new acts have been added to the mix of performers for the 2008 Food & Wine festival Eat To The Beat concerts at Epcot. Eight of last years acts will be returning. It’s definitely time for some new blood and the new acts are quite an eclectic group. They are: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, En Vogue, Jonny Lang, Peabo Bryson, Sister Hazel, Spyro Gyra, Boyz II men, Night Ranger, Atlanta Rhythm Section and Los Lobos.

They might have to add extra seats to the America Gardens Theatre (and a dance floor for BBVD). I predict a wildly popular season.

The current schedule of performance dates is below the cut. (Subject to change at any moment, of course.)

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Disney’s El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood

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The El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood is the pinnacle of the Disney movie watching experience.  It is old Hollywood meets new, with restorations to both the exterior and interior, and equipped with Dolby SR-D digital sound, film and digital projectors, and 3-D capability. It is… Read More »Disney’s El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood

Celebrating Independence Day

Hope you have a safe and fun Independence Day. Thanks to for capturing this the Walt Disney World 1907 Circus Calliope making a rare appearance in the park. I really had no idea they even had a Circus Calliope. I want to see more!

Oh Disney Musical, Where Art Thou?

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I distinctly remember when it hit me. I was walking out of
the theater back in 2001 after watching Atlantis: The Lost Empire and I had
this feeling like there was something just not quite right. Atlantis wasn’t a
horrible movie, so it wasn’t disappointment. It was just this nagging feeling
like there was something missing.

That was
when it hit me. There were no musical numbers.

It was a
startling revelation. I began to wonder, were my favorite Disney movies so
heavily influenced by music that the absence of a strong musical tie such a
shock that I actually disliked the movie for that reason?

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