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The sad sad tale of Fred Moore, Disney Animator

Cartoonbrew linked to a few ‘found‘ drawings of Disney animator Fred Moore (animator on my favorite short in "Make Mine Music", the "All the Cats Join In" ode to swing dancing sequence.) Alas, Fred Moore’s story is a tragic one of amazing talent cut short, but his influence on the art of animation is undeniable.

New Laughing Place Magazine

Disney themeparks around the world are now flooded with signage and merchandise (see the LaughingPlace Store for the best selection) to honor Disneyland’s 50th anniversary. But the one collectible publication everyone will need this year isn’t even produced by the Walt Disney Company. Nope. It’s issue two of the new magazine Tales from the Laughing… Read More »New Laughing Place Magazine

Some news….

Sorry for the absence everyone. The wife has been sick and I’m trying to stay healthy and keep my son healthy which means I haven’t had much time to be on the computer. But the good news is I got to visit some of Disneyworld with my son. Just some quality father and son time… Read More »Some news….

Incredible Accolades

Over at Luxo: The Pixar Animation Fan Blog, they’re keeping track of all the awards and nominations The Incredibles has received. Brad Bird had better dust off that Tuxedo and stock up on the cumberbunds, he’ll be making a lot of acceptance speeches this year. So Far he has best animated film from the New… Read More »Incredible Accolades

Mary Poppins’ Musical Mayhem

Planning to bring your 4, 5, or 6 year old to see the new Mary Poppins’ Musical in London? If you are, the producers have a message for you — leave them at home. Because of the length and the dark material in this musical version of PK Travers stories children under three have been… Read More »Mary Poppins’ Musical Mayhem

The Parade Passes by… finally

The Parade of the Stars, the long in the tooth day time parade at Disneyland, has finally hung up its hippo suits. It was expected to run until the new parade for the 50th anniversary could debut in May. Instead it looks like the park will run a calvacade instead. Btw, calvacade is Disney speak… Read More »The Parade Passes by… finally

Disney Stage Star makes it big

If you’re watching the CBS Thanksgiving Day celebration tomorrow keep your eyes open for the set from the new musical BKLYN. It should showcase Eden Espinosa the latest star of the great white way. Well let me tell you that I knew her when. I first remember seeing Eden in Disneyland’s Production of Hunchback the… Read More »Disney Stage Star makes it big

What’s Up With The Muppets?

To date, The Muppets have made a few guest appearances on talk and award shows, even co-hosting in some cases, appeared in a music video with Weezer television commercials with Jessica Simpson, and are about to take center stage in a Muppet-ized version of The Wizard of Oz. Chad at Digital Dream Machine wonders what’s… Read More »What’s Up With The Muppets?