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Mary Poppins’ Musical Mayhem

Planning to bring your 4, 5, or 6 year old to see the new Mary Poppins’ Musical in London? If you are, the producers have a message for you — leave them at home. Because of the length and the dark material in this musical version of PK Travers stories children under three have been banned outright, and it is suggested that children under 7 be left at home (presumably with a nanny other than Ms. Poppins).

This controversial request has created quite a stir. Playbill and the BBC have more. What would Walt have thought? What’s the point of family entertainment if the whole family can’t enjoy it together. Hopefully they’ll have this resolved by the time it makes it to the states.

2 thoughts on “Mary Poppins’ Musical Mayhem”

  1. Hopefully they DON’T resolve it before it comes to the U.S.- aren’t we sanitized enough as it is? Leave Mary Poppins ALONE, for God’s sake!

  2. Well, the solution I was thinking of left script and stage alone. Rather they should provide a showing or two a week where kids could be brought in and out of the theatre during the play. So parents with kids who can handle the length or the subject matter can attend, and those who might cry a bit or need to run around to burn off some energy, can come and go as needed.

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