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Joss Whedon Spills the beans on Toy Story

Joss Whedon (imdb), creator of the very successful Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel TV series, got his start as part of the Walt Disney Feature Animation stable. He wanted to write the next big animated musical for the mouse, but instead, he was asked to script doctor Toy Story, the first film in the… Read More »Joss Whedon Spills the beans on Toy Story

Sky High, a hit for Disney?

Sky High did okay for itself at the box office this weekend earning a respectable 3rd place and $14.6 million for its debut. The film is well on its way to recouping its estimated $40 million production costs. No, it’s not a big summer hit for Disney, but it is a film you can take… Read More »Sky High, a hit for Disney?

Disney Wedding Music

Disney Weddings are quite popular for those brides and grooms who grew up watching Uncle Walt on TV. Plus there is something magical about getting married with a giant fairytale castle in the background. (Of course getting married in the park itself will set you back anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000.) When you chose to… Read More »Disney Wedding Music

The record that started it all

Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland was the first record released on the Disneyland Records Label. A musical tour of the now world-famous Park narrated by the ultimate tour guide, Walt Disney. This original vinyl album is now available on CD for the first time ever – complete with the original album artwork from 1956!… Read More »The record that started it all

Gorilla Man Invades Broadway, Disney Announces

Following in the footsteps of Beauty and The Beast and The Lion King, Disney will close a successful themepark attraction only to have a new version open up on Broadway later. This time it’s Tarzan, not-so creatively titled, Disney Presents Tarzan. Phil Collins is writing several additional songs. The play was workshopped early last year… Read More »Gorilla Man Invades Broadway, Disney Announces

Sister Act on Broadway

I’ve met Peter Schneider, former chair of the Walt Disney Studios, a couple times, all in his capacity as head of Walt Disney Feature Animation. He was nice to me even though I was just a fan. His career wasn’t painted so brightly in Disney War, so I’m happy that he’s landed on his feet.… Read More »Sister Act on Broadway

Success at Disneyland already

If there is already one good thing to say about Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, scheduled to kick off on May 5th, it is that the music merchandise is out of this world awesome. First there is the incredible collection of albums being put out by Randy Thornton, who is interviewed in the 2nd issue of… Read More »Success at Disneyland already

50 years of Disneyland sounds

In case you’ve been in a closet somewhere for the past 12 months, then you might not know it’s Disneylands 50th Birthday this year. Celebrations are set to kick off on May 4th with a huge press event (sorry folks, Disneyland is closed to the general public on the 4th) and a second event for… Read More »50 years of Disneyland sounds