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50 years of Disneyland sounds

In case you’ve been in a closet somewhere for the past 12 months, then you might not know it’s Disneylands 50th Birthday this year. Celebrations are set to kick off on May 4th with a huge press event (sorry folks, Disneyland is closed to the general public on the 4th) and a second event for the public on the 5th. Disneyland’s actual birthday will be celebrated on July 17th, but the celebration will stretch over 18 months and all five Disney resorts around the world when it’s done.

Planning to attend and want to brush up on some of Disneyland’s audio history before you go? Well then is a must visit. The fine folks there have compiled 13 virtual LPs each chock full of high quality recordings from Disneyland’s past and present sounds. There are many attraction soundtracks in complete ride through length that I haven’t heard before.

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