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Some news….

Sorry for the absence everyone. The wife has been sick and I’m trying to stay healthy and keep my son healthy which means I haven’t had much time to be on the computer. But the good news is I got to visit some of Disneyworld with my son. Just some quality father and son time and it was a blast.

Little Indigo and I had our two days at the park this week (really just some midday afternoon visits between his nap times). At 19 months he’s a little young to be making decisions about what he wants to go on next but with a toddler there aren’t too many choices anyway.

We visited Animal Kingdom where we rode Kilimanjaro Safari (he loves to see the animals and can even spot them across the savannah) and Primeval Whirl (a Dumbo equivalent). KS was going exceedingly slow (I don’t think we topped 5 mph until the very end where we chased the poachers) and Little Indigo lost his focus about 3 minutes from the end. We also stopped and listened to all the music throughout the park and danced to the drums. It was a good time had by both even though the park was so busy we could only do two rides. I think next time we’ll visit the Boneyard Play Area, but it looked too crowded with big kids this time.

The other park we visited was Disney/MGM Studios. Our first stop, the Playhouse Disney show, was a good choice. We sat in the back and it kept his attention until almost the very end. He’s at that age when all the characters are real. So seeing Bear on stage was like seeing Elvis for him. Speaking of which, we could’ve walked into visit with Mickey but kept on forgetting to do so. We’ll get him next time.

We also saw The Little Mermaid show which they have shortened so much that Little Indigo had no problem sitting the whole way through. He did get a little worried as most of the meat of the show involves Ursula and a loud battle. Afterward we went to the Soundscapes booths and spent two cycles in the dark just relaxing in the air conditioning. Very recommended if the booths are empty (and they almost always are).

In all the shows we sat on the end of a row near the exit doors in case he needed to leave for any reason. Never had to leave early at any of those shows. But did have a problem at the very end of the last show we saw.

Little Indigo has enjoyed watching a few NASCAR races with me at home, so I thought he might sit through some of the new stunt car show ‘Lights Motors Action’. I was impressed that he made it through the whole 40+ minute show with barely a few squiggles. The worst parts were the set up segments between stunts. Little Indigo lost his focus during these segments. The sound in the stadium was loud but not too loud. He never put his hands over his ears as he does when the noise bothers him. The cars are far enough away and their engines so small that they don’t make really loud noises. What was loud and really frightened the little guy was the fire and explosion at the very end of the show. Thankfully we were right near an exit so I wisked him away and out of the arena. Other than that he loved the show and clapped at all the big stunts just like everyone else did. (It’s a good show but has serious drag issues between the stunts segments.)

Little Indigo proved himself to be a real trooper though and enjoyed himself both days. Daddy had fun watching the little guy too. More reports from the other parks as we get to them.