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For the last few weeks, I’ve been following Guardians of The Galaxy Director @jamesgunn on Twitter and as well as on Facebook. It’s been one series after another of great posts, behind the scenes photos, and a rare glimpse as a Director rises to whatever level super stars achieve in Hollywood. Yes, Guardians of the Galaxy is that good.

In an early profile FilmJournal interviewed Gunn about what it was like as he was competing for the director’s chair

“The more I talked about it, the more excited I got. I saw the opportunity to do the exact movie I’d always wanted to do and never thought I’d have the chance—a space opera. As we talked, I could see visually what I would do with the movie, like bringing back some of the colorful palettes of sci-fi movies like Forbidden Planet and Fantastic Voyage. So I threw my hat in the ring. At first it was me against five other directors; then it was me against three other directors; then it was me against one other director; and then it was just me.”

and on the challenges of creating a whole corner of the galaxy from the ground up

“On a normal movie, you’d set a scene in a kitchen and then go to the production designer and he’d say, ‘We can use this toaster or this toaster or this toaster.’ In this movie, if the characters are going to have toast, you’ve got to figure out how the process works. Are there toasters? Are they in the wall? You’re really creating everything from the ground up and I felt like I had a lot of freedom to create the universe I wanted.”

It really is a great interview, read the whole thing.

Another recent profile on Gunn was in the Los Angeles Times. Gunn talks about more about how much he’s enjoyed working on the project


Earlier we heard from the editor of Guardians of the Galaxy on why you must view the film in IMAX format, now IMAX has released a short featurette with director James Gunn talking about how this film was planned from the start to maximize the IMAX 3D format.

Yeah, it’s a bit of a marketing piece, but what movie preview isn’t?

If you’re interested in the Director’s motivations behind making Guardians of the Galaxy, this piece in Film Journal really goes into the details. The movie premiere was last night in Los Angeles. I’m sure world will be out of this galaxy, Slashfilm has collected a bunch of thoughts from those who’ve already seen the movie. There was a live stream from the red carpet, which may still be viewable on YouTube.

I’m seeing it on Thursday and will have a full review shortly before the August 1st.

Bonus clip from the movie below the jump:


Director James Gunn continues to share new photos from Guardians of the Galaxy. Above is Lee Pace, who plays Ronan, on board the Milano space craft, aka Peter Quill’s ship, set. Gunn describes the concept behind the Milano:

The Milano, though hardly the biggest set in the film, was possibly production designer Charlie Wood’s most impressive. In person it seemed every inch a believable spacecraft. It was two levels high and inspired equally by the Apollo space program, the pulp art of Chris Foss, American muscle cars, and what we imagined was an older cousin Peter Quill idolized who had a 1980’s stoner van (some of the walls have shag carpeting). The Milano is a souped-up version of the Ravagers’ M-ships. Charlie Wood and I discussed early on that different cultures would have different cultural priorities. On Earth all of our technology is geared towards the priorities of ease and luxury. But other worlds could have other priorities – say, aesthetics or procreation. In the case of the Ravagers, what was most important was a tactile sense of control. Of course they had the technology for more automated crafts, but they wanted to be in control and totally feel the power of the engines and the gears beneath them. Touch is important. So all of their ships were designed around this one concept.”

Gunn also revealed four new character posters for Nebula, Yondu, Corpsman Dey, and Nova Prime: