Guardians of the Galaxy Behind the Scenes: Inside Star Lord’s spaceship – the Milano


Like in Star Wars, it might be claimed that the real star of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy are its space ships. The Milano is to Peter Quill as the Millennium Falcon is to Han Solo. It’s his trusty steed and contains precious cargo.

It is versatile enough to operate in a dog fight, yet large enough to carry the team into danger. Director James Gunn wanted it to have a “muscle car” feel. I love its retro-vibe

Yeah, so that owes a lot to MTV’s Cribs. Here’s a little bit of trivia. Director James Gunn confirmed, via twitter, that the ship is called the Milano after Alyssa Milano, Peter Quill’s childhood crush. That’s just another awesome detail that makes this movie fantastic!

Of the Milano, Gunn had this to say on his Facebook page:


“The Milano, though hardly the biggest set in the film, was possibly production designer Charlie Wood’s most impressive. In person it seemed every inch a believable spacecraft. It was two levels high and inspired equally by the Apollo space program, the pulp art of Chris Foss, American muscle cars, and what we imagined was an older cousin Peter Quill idolized who had a 1980’s stoner van (some of the walls have shag carpeting). The Milano is a souped-up version of the Ravagers’ M-ships. Charlie Wood and I discussed early on that different cultures would have different cultural priorities. On Earth all of our technology is geared towards the priorities of ease and luxury. But other worlds could have other priorities – say, aesthetics or procreation. In the case of the Ravagers, what was most important was a tactile sense of control. Of course they had the technology for more automated crafts, but they wanted to be in control and totally feel the power of the engines and the gears beneath them. Touch is important. So all of their ships were designed around this one concept.”

What did you think of Peter Quill’s ship – The Milano? How does it compare to Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon?