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  • Marvel Studios retrospective: Iron Man 3

    And now we come to what is probably the most divisive of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies – Iron Man 3. When it came out in 2013, there seemed to be no middle ground. You either loved the movie or you hated it. This division makes sense in a way….

  • Joan Rivers 1933-2014
    Joan Rivers 1933-2014

    Was she a Disney legend? No, she isn’t absolutely known for one specific role in the world of Disney, but she did have quite a few credits with the Disney company. Her TV movie that she wrote, “The Girl Most Likely To…”, aired on ABC in the 1970’s, she guest…

  • Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray Review
    Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray Review

    Iron Man 3, despite having a plot twist that kills the fan boy inside of me every time I see it, is currently my favorite movie this year. It is very different in tone than the first two movies, but I think that’s good. The Marvel Cinematic Universe changed after…

  • Iron Man 3 Continues Box Office Run
    Iron Man 3 Continues Box Office Run

    Marvel released a new featurette from Iron Man 3 today. Just a kindly hint that the movie needs its fans, especially those who haven’t seen the film, to visit theaters this week and help it stay number one at the box office. Iron Man 3 just passed $200 million domestically,…

  • Iron Man 3 Review – Spoiler Free
    Iron Man 3 Review – Spoiler Free

    Who is Tony Stark? Who is Iron Man? Those questions are given a lot of attention in the third film in the Iron Man trilogy. Taking place after the world changing events of The Avengers, Iron Man 3 is really a sequel to that film, and yet, it seems to…

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