• Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D season 2 finale recap

    This week’s finale starts right where last week’s episode left off, with Jiaying declaring war on S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Weaver wants to immediately fight back but Coulson smells something fishy and wants to understand it first. Skye goes to Raina for answers and Raina tells her that Jiaying is lying and…

  • Finale Scene from ABC’s Desperate Housewives
    Finale Scene from ABC’s Desperate Housewives

    ABC’s long running Desperate Housewives (the first episode aired October 4, 2004) has reached it’s final conclusion. Rather than experience cancellation, Marc Cherry, the show’s producer, was able to wrap things up exactly how he wanted down to the final scene he claims he had in mind since day one….

  • LOST ends tonight
    LOST ends tonight

    Tonight brings LOST full circle. From a ground breaking new television series 6 years ago to a world wide television event that will bring a conclusion to the stories of the people we got to know via the show. To me, that was always the best part about LOST, the…

  • Disney ends “Life on Mars”, fans will get closure
    Disney ends “Life on Mars”, fans will get closure

    TVweek is reporting that Disney/ABC has told the producers of “Life on Mars” to wrap the show up with a 17th episode after chosing not to renew the series for a second season. This should make fans happy that they’re going to get some closure, but unhappy about chances to…

  • Amazing Disney World Entertainment Photos
    Amazing Disney World Entertainment Photos

    Fantasmic! Meet and Greet Originally uploaded by wallyspam I just discovered Flickr user wallyspam. She has a real eye for some of the faces and characters that make Walt Disney World entertainment so special. In this photo you’ll find a very special Fantasmic! meet and greet photo with 14 characters…

  • Oh, LOST! (Season 4 Finale)
    Oh, LOST! (Season 4 Finale)

    There is just so much I want to yell out at the beginning of this post. (LOCKE! WALT! JIN! CLAIRE! MICHAEL!) My emotions literally ran the gamut while watching last night’s episode. There was not one wasted scene and it never ever stopped. At the end of the last season’s…

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