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LOST ends tonight

Tonight brings LOST full circle. From a ground breaking new television series 6 years ago to a world wide television event that will bring a conclusion to the stories of the people we got to know via the show. To me, that was always the best part about LOST, the people and the relationships. Yes, I liked hunting for clues to the big questions that LOST seemed to be asking, but the show has always been about the people.

That’s the story I think is most important to have resolved right now. How do the lives of all these people get resolved. I have a suspicion it has to do with the sideways reality. I was quite sad to see the Kwon’s go down with the submarine, but happy to know they continued on in the sideways reality.

For the show’s producers, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, tonight is their final chance to tell the story of the people, the relationships, the island, and the concept behind LOST. However, the Disney company has made some noises that they might return to this world with another show in the future.

So two questions: What are you expecting to get out of tonight’s series finale? Would you like to see more stories set in the world of LOST?

4 thoughts on “LOST ends tonight”

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  2. I don’t know WHAT I expect tonight, but I’ll be happy (and probably crying) no matter what. NOt even a horrible end tonight will destroy the good feelings this show has given me over… well, the half a year I’ve flown through all six seasons.

    I don’t want more stories on the island, but I’d love to see a Sawyer/Miles/Hurley cop show, or a Locke & Ben as teachers show, or a Sayid in a Dexter-like role. None of this will happen, of course. That’s okay.

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