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Amazing Disney World Entertainment Photos

Fantasmic! Meet and Greet

Originally uploaded by wallyspam

I just discovered Flickr user wallyspam. She has a real eye for some of the faces and characters that make Walt Disney World entertainment so special.

In this photo you’ll find a very special Fantasmic! meet and greet photo with 14 characters from the show’s finale. Check out the large size version where you can see how much detail goes into each costume even though the average guest will never be close enough to know the difference. I particularly like how some costume elements are exaggerated so they’ll stand out that much more from a distance.

1 thought on “Amazing Disney World Entertainment Photos”

  1. Wallyspam is a wholly inappropriate name since there is noting spam-like about this person’s pictures. They have a great eye and somehow are in the right place in the right time a lot. Either that or they are at the park all the time.

    Great pictures of Alice too.

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