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enchanted tiki room

Enchanted Tiki Room Turns 50 This Sunday


It’s hard to believe but Sunday, June 23, will mark the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland. Crowds were wowed by the world’s first Audio-Animatronics show in a place where the birds sing words and flowers croon.

Inspiration for the Tiki Room came from Walt Disney’s earliest days of animated filmmaking, as he looked for a way to animate in three dimensions. He was fascinated by an antique, miniature mechanical songbird that he had purchased in New Orleans and thought if someone could animate this figure a century before, it should be possible to do it using modern technology.

The resulting Audio-Animatronics technology developed for the Enchanted Tiki Room would eventually lead to such iconic Disney theme park attractions as “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln,” “it’s a small world,” Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion and others.

“The Enchanted Tiki Room continues to delight thousands of guests every day, some 50 years after Walt originally introduced us to Jose, Michael, Pierre & Fritz,” said Jon Storbeck, vice president of Disneyland Park. You might enjoy reading about the experiences of one of the attractions original VIP Hostess or The Disney Blog columnist Linda’s experience shadowing Walt Disney on the press preview.Read More »Enchanted Tiki Room Turns 50 This Sunday

Behind the Scenes at Restored Enchanted Tiki Room

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room in the Sunshine Pavilion at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom – boy that’s a mouthful – officially returns to Central Florida today after a fire evicted the much despised new management version. The update features new state of the art… Read More »Behind the Scenes at Restored Enchanted Tiki Room

Tiki Room Queue Returns to Original Pre-Show

If you remember Clyde and Claud the humorous pair of Toucan’s that used to greet guests as they waited on line for the Enchanted Tiki Room to start, then you’ll be happy with the new pre-show. That’s because it is the exact same show you… Read More »Tiki Room Queue Returns to Original Pre-Show

The Enchanted Tiki Room Returns To Roost This August

Disney’s rehashing a bit of previously announced news here, but it’s good news, so I’m all aboard. The Enchanted Tiki Room will be ditching the ‘New Management’ and returning to a show that is clearly rooted in the traditional, original, show. Some nearby areas of Adventureland are also rumored to be getting a touch up.

The big date is now targeted for August 15th. Which, sadly is a Monday, but I guess I can head down after work. Will anyone else be going?

Read the rest of Disney’s press release below the jump:

Read More »The Enchanted Tiki Room Returns To Roost This August

Update on Tiki Room Fire

Just a quick update on some rumors swirling around the fire that took place at the Enchanted Tiki Room earlier this week. The original word from Disney was that it was just a small attic fire with only some minor damaged caused by water from… Read More »Update on Tiki Room Fire