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Update on Tiki Room Fire

Just a quick update on some rumors swirling around the fire that took place at the Enchanted Tiki Room earlier this week. The original word from Disney was that it was just a small attic fire with only some minor damaged caused by water from the sprinklers. However, now I’m hearing that the main Iago animatronic (the obnoxious bird from Aladdin) was damaged beyond repair in the fire. Additionally, water damage to the large centerpiece that drops from the ceiling and Zazu were also pretty bad.

All we know officially is that the Tiki Room remains closed today. But if the rumors are true, this presents something of an opportunity for Disney World management. The “under new management” version has never been a hit with Disney fans. Plus when the Aladdin Magic Carpets attraction was added to Adventureland, the entrance to the Tiki Room was suddenly obscured. Those two factors have contributed to an under utilization of that space.

Disney World should take advantage of this downtime to do a little restorative work on the attraction and relocate the entrance so that it faces the Jungle Cruise (or Pirates). If they rushed things changes could be completed in time for the October 1st 40th Anniversary of the Magic Kingdom. (I’m not the only one to have this idea, check out this article on ProgressCityUSA blog)

I’d rather they not rush things, but with the Fantasyland Expansion, the Magic Kingdom will already be operating with a reduced number of attractions. So some sense of urgency is required. Budget-wise, it’s cheaper to fix a couple broken audio-animatronics than it is to restore the original show, yet alone put in a new one, so I’m sure that’s the solution Disney is leaning toward. But a Disney fan can dream right?

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