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US policies denying 9-year old Britons from visiting Disney World

Apparently all that lobbying money and fundraiser donations to political candidates isn’t doing much to help Walt Disney World. The US Embassy denied a travel visa to a 9-year old boy in Britain whose grand parents wanted to take him on a surprise trip to Walt Disney World. While the boy was born in England, his parents were born in South Africa. Apparently that makes him too dangerous to allow him to visit the United States.

That sounds like exactly the sort of publicity that will discourage international visitors from even applying for a travel visa to Orlando, let alone booking a vacation at Walt Disney World. The grandparents plan to appeal to President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. I think Disney should put in a few calls too and put some of that political influence to work. A happy ending to this story would be as good as a million dollar worth of ads in the UK.

More at the UK Telegraph.