Disney Princess Cakes

There appears to be an uncanny valley effect with Princess cakes. Decorations can be so close to good and yet so far.

Disney Princess Birthday Cake by Tony "Tone Tone" Albanese
Freehand hand-piped chocolate decorations featuring Cinderella, “The Princess & The Frog,” & Belle from “Beauty & The Beast” from Tony Albanese.

While the above entry might end up on Cake Wrecks some day, it wasn’t included in their recent list of Disney Princess Cakes, none of which are actually that bad and a few are absolutely amazing.

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10 thoughts on “Disney Princess Cakes”

  1. I am most intrigued by the bizarre frosting castle in the back. What’s holding it up? And I second Trace’s comment about Tiana’s skin tone, which verges on the offensive.

  2. That Cake Wrecks post you linked to is actually a Sunday Sweets feature – when we feature the *good* cakes, as opposed to wrecks. We do have plenty of wrecky Princess cakes, though, right here! Enjoy, and thanks for the shout-out!

  3. You seemed to have missed something. That Cake Wrecks post is one of their “Sunday Sweets” posts, those highlight some of the best cakes they’ve seen. Including all of those Princess cakes.

  4. I can’t quite make it out from what you write, so I have to ask just to make sure: Do you realise the recent list on Cake Wrecks was a “Sunday Sweets” feature, which is actually meant to showcase good cakes (as opposed to the wrecks it features the rest of the week)? Which would explain why all of them were quite good. . .

  5. Yes, as someone else said – Sunday Sweets on Cake Wrecks are meant to highlight really good cakes, unlike every other day of the week. So it’s no surprise that the cake above wasn’t featured. :)

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  7. Ya just dittoing Anya, that every Sunday cakewrecks showcases GOOD, beautiful cakes and the post you’re talking about just so happens to be one of them. So the authors of cakewreck do recognize that all the cakes they posted are beautiful :)

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