Bad night for Disney at the Golden Globes

It was a bad night for Disney at the Golden Globes last night. Of the seven categories they had nominations in, they only managed to pull out victory in one. Congrats go to the team up in Emeryville for earning the award for Best Animated feature for Toy Story 3.

The suits down in Burbank had to know that this paltry showing was coming when they closed up and sold off Miramax and took a decidedly big-tent look at major Disney Studios films. Basically, if Johnny Depp isn’t in it, Disney doesn’t seem ready to produce it. Without serious award contenders, the Walt Disney Studios is at risk of becoming a minor player in Hollywood. Awards generate DVD sales, buzz for future releases (from the team that brought you…. etc) , and help studios attract better actors, producers, and crew who all dream of one day earning their own awards. They’re not going to work at a studios that has decided the games not worth it.

I do see two bits of silver lining to this. First, Ricky Gervais won’t pick on you if you’re a nobody. Second, the Walt Disney Animation Studios does finally appear to have some life in it. The closer it sticks to historic romps, fairy tales, and princess films, the better it does at the box office and the awards. Let’s leave the “what if” movies to the team that shows it knows how to win – Pixar.