Interesting story on Disney’s quest to save a baby Gorilla

A few years ago I was lucky enough to be invited to a special backstage tour of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Animal Care Program. It really was an eye-opening amazing experience.  I remember nearly every detail of it and it informs my love of the park and Disney’s mission there.

Part of the tour was a chance to meet and talk with Dr. Mark Stetter, who is the head of animal health at DAK. Dr. Stetter was quoted in a story like the one in today’s Orlando Sentinel about Disney’s animal care teams efforts to save a baby Gorilla who is having health issues.

“I think we were in a much heightened stage of concern and worry six months ago,” said Stetter, Disney’s director of animal health. “We’re probably less now, but she’s still not right. … We’re still concerned.”

When I read that quote, I can hear Dr. Stetter’s authentic passion and vast knowledge in my head. But since you weren’t on the tour, you probably don’t. If you haven’t read that story, think about a defense attorney fighting for their client, or an offensive lineman struggling to keep a pass rusher from their team’s quarterback. That’s the sort of passion nearly everyone on Disney’s Animal Care team possesses. Got it? Now go and read a great story about Disney’s efforts to save a baby Gorilla.