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Interesting story on Disney’s quest to save a baby Gorilla

A few years ago I was lucky enough to be invited to a special backstage tour of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Animal Care Program. It really was an eye-opening amazing experience.  I remember nearly every detail of it and it informs my love of the park and Disney’s mission there.

Part of the tour was a chance to meet and talk with Dr. Mark Stetter, who is the head of animal health at DAK. Dr. Stetter was quoted in a story like the one in today’s Orlando Sentinel about Disney’s animal care teams efforts to save a baby Gorilla who is having health issues.

“I think we were in a much heightened stage of concern and worry six months ago,” said Stetter, Disney’s director of animal health. “We’re probably less now, but she’s still not right. … We’re still concerned.”

When I read that quote, I can hear Dr. Stetter’s authentic passion and vast knowledge in my head. But since you weren’t on the tour, you probably don’t. If you haven’t read that story, think about a defense attorney fighting for their client, or an offensive lineman struggling to keep a pass rusher from their team’s quarterback. That’s the sort of passion nearly everyone on Disney’s Animal Care team possesses. Got it? Now go and read a great story about Disney’s efforts to save a baby Gorilla.

1 thought on “Interesting story on Disney’s quest to save a baby Gorilla”

  1. Thank you for sharing this amazing story. As a died in the wool Walt Disny fan this story just made me glow. If a little Gorilla was going to have to have these problems she sure was lucky to have had it happen to one at WDW AK. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for her and all the staff taking care of her! And please keep us updated of anything you hear!

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