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Fire Reported at Magic Kingdom Tiki Room

Local news is reporting a fire at the Magic Kingdom in the complex that houses the Tiki Room. The fire was in the attic of the building and was extinguished by sprinkler system. Nearby attractions in restaurants have been evacuated, No injuries have been reported.

Update: at this time only the tiki room is reported closed. Other attractions in the area have reopened

Update: 5/13/11 – Cast members stationed at the Tiki Room state that it should re-open in the next few days.

More as I get updates.

5 thoughts on “Fire Reported at Magic Kingdom Tiki Room”

  1. Maybe they’ll take this as an excuse to change it back to the original version rather than the horror it has become.

  2. Too bad it didn’t burn to the ground, it’s a hideous monstrosity compared to what it was in the beginning, maybe one of the Disney Imagineers who designed the original put a match to it.

  3. This is the only attraction that I truly hate. Not even Sounds Dangerous or Stitch’s Great Escape come down this this level of horrificness (is that a word?). It’s an insult to Walt and all those that love him. Please bring back the original show or come up with an entirely new attraction. This monstrosity must not continue to survive.

  4. All hail PELE: Now if there is a god of common sense, maybe they will put it back the way it was meant to be-like the Disneyland version

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