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Tiki Room Queue Returns to Original Pre-Show

If you remember Clyde and Claud the humorous pair of Toucan’s that used to greet guests as they waited on line for the Enchanted Tiki Room to start, then you’ll be happy with the new pre-show. That’s because it is the exact same show you saw before.

It looks like they’ve cleaned up the recording a bit, and Clyde and Claud have pretty new feathers, but it is exactly the same show. Here’s a link to a video of the old show for comparison.

Disney has previously said that the new show would be reminiscent of the original show, but if the return of the original pre-show is any indication, I wonder if reminiscent means ‘as close as we can get it’. We’ll all find out tomorrow with it reopens for guests.

5 thoughts on “Tiki Room Queue Returns to Original Pre-Show”

  1. I got to see a soft opening today of the entire show. It is back to the original style just a little shorter.

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