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Wonderland – China’s Magic Kingdom Ghost Park

If Disney has any concerns about the viability of its theme parks in China, you need look no further than Wonderland. Construction on Wonderland, located outside of Beijing, started in 1998 but was never finished. Instead all that’s left is a shell of a Magic Kingdom style theme park. Videographer Catherine Hyland recently captured these eerie scenes from the remnants of Wonderland.

Wonderland from catherine Hyland on Vimeo.

The late 90s saw a lot of tourist projects in China. Many never made it to completion. Wonderland ended up in its ghost park state due to a lack of investors and some regulatory problems with the local government. Farmers in the surrounding area did not want this to be built and they were able to stop the project.

More photos of Wonderland on Hyland’s website and a few other sites as well.