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disneyland paris

Christmas Strike at Disneyland Paris

I somehow missed the news that three unions at Disneyland Paris were on the verge of a Christmas week strike. The strike began on the 23rd, one of the busiest days of the year for the parks, over demands for wage increases in 2010. Cast… Read More »Christmas Strike at Disneyland Paris

Michael Jackson Tribute – Disneyland Paris 1992

Here’s another video from Youtube featuring clips of Michael Jackson as he toured Disneyland Paris in 1992 (when it was still Euro-Disney). I saw him a couple times at Disneyland and the scene was similar to this, although without the gathered crowds waiting to snap… Read More »Michael Jackson Tribute – Disneyland Paris 1992

Disneyland Paris on Google Street View

Never been to Disneyland Paris? Now you can visit from your computer with Google Maps Street View. The virtual tour was shot last October (the park is decorated for Halloween) and includes Main Street, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Walt Disney Studios Park. Make sure you try… Read More »Disneyland Paris on Google Street View

Serena Williams Hanging With Minnie at Disneyland Paris

Disney’s Wide World of Sports does not hold a monopoly on getting athletes to visit. Disneyland Paris is close enough to Roland Garros to attract one of the world’s greatest tennis stars. The simultaneous holder of four Grand Slam singles titles, Serena Williams, took a… Read More »Serena Williams Hanging With Minnie at Disneyland Paris

Celebrities Design Mickey Mouse Ears for Charity

Stars from around the world designed their own Mickey Mouse Ears to welcome a new celebration to Disneyland Paris. The new year-long celebration, Mickey’s Magical Party, just kicked off with a huge event. Celebrities will be bringing their ears back to be used for charity… Read More »Celebrities Design Mickey Mouse Ears for Charity

Disneyland Paris Free Ticket Offer

I’ve written a bit about the Central Florida theme parks offering deals on theme park admission (and they keep getting better ($99 for a week at Universal Studios Orlando)), but this is the first I’ve heard of the non-US Disney parks offering some sort of… Read More »Disneyland Paris Free Ticket Offer

Disneyland Paris misses it by that much

Disneyland Paris got closer than ever to showing a profit last year. Missed it by 2.8 million dollars. That and improved attendance numbers show they’re closer than ever to beginning to really pay down the debt that too many hotels saddled them with at opening.… Read More »Disneyland Paris misses it by that much