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TEA Theme Park Attendance Report Released

The Themed Entertainment Association(TEA) and Economics at AECOM have released their joint publication, the TEA/AECOM 2010 Theme Index today. The chief statistics are the estimated attendance numbers for the major theme parks world wide. 2010 was generally a good year with many of the destination theme parks experiencing strong growth. Disney theme park attendance was a mixed bag in 2010, however.

There were some notable exceptions to the growth. Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT all declined slightly. Only Disney’s Animal Kingdom showed any growth continuing it’s trend from last year when it passed DHS for the first time for third place among Disney’s four Orlando parks.

The two Tokyo Disney parks had great years in 2010, but that will no doubt be offset by the quake caused problems in 2011. We wish them luck!

The Disneyland Paris parks continue to struggle. Struggles with the union, reports of poor maintenance in the parks, and depressed economies in Europe are no doubt to blame. Meanwhile Hong Kong Disneyland showed that if you invest, they will come. Hopefully that’s a good trend for the future.

Speaking of investment in attractions, the Original Disneyland, with no new attractions, saw only minor growth, but California Adventure saw a decent improvement. That’s odd considering the park was undergoing a lot of construction at the time and lost its parades. However, the night time is the right time as ElecTRONica and World of Color draws them in after dark. So that growth probably included a lot of park hoppers.

The two SeaWorld parks both lost big. A lot of SeaWorld Florida’s decrease can be attributed to guests heading to Universal Orlando to catch the boy wonder. However, there was also the bad press received when a killer whale trainer was killed in an accident and the parks were still transitioning away from being a ‘Free as in Beer’ property to a Conservation based property. They seemed to be sleep walking through much of 2009 and 2010. Thankfully, the parks appear to have come out of that slumber recently. And Busch Gardens Tampa did show some strength.

The real winner, of course, was Universal Studios. Islands of Adventure showed 30%+ growth for the year and Harry Potter was only open for about 2/3rds of it. The boy wizard also lifted Universal Studios Florida. In Hollywood King Kong 360 3-D opened, but I’m not sure that explains the huge growth. I have to wonder if they got a little boost from the boy wizard too. That must have made for some disappointed tourists.

Attendance in M, Growth or Loss in Percentage, Name, Location
16.97 M -1.5% Magic Kingdom, Orlando, FL
15.98 M +0.5% Disneyland, Anaheim, CA
14.45 M +5.9% Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo, Japan
12.66 M +5.5% Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo, Japan
10.83 M -1.5% EPCOT, Orlando, FL
10.50 M -2.6% Disneyland Paris, Marne-la-Vallee, Fran ce
9.87 M +1.0% Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Kissimmee, FL
9.60 M -1.0% Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Orlando, FL
8.16 M +2.0% Universal Studios Japan, Osaka, Japan
6.88 M +11.6% Everland, South Korea
6.29 M +3.0% Disney California Adventure, Anaheim, CA
5.95 M +30.2% Islands of Adventure, Orlando FL
5.93 M +6.1% Universal Studios, Orlando FL
5.55 M +22.4% Lotte World, Seoul, South Korea
5.20 M +13.0% Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong
5.10 M -12.1% SeaWorld Florida, Orlando, FL
5.10 M +6.3% Ocean Park, Hong Kong
5.04 M +26.0% Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal City, CA
4.50 M -2.6% Walt Disney Studios, Marne-la-Vallee, France
4.47 M -5.0% Nagashima Spa Land, Kuwana Japan
4.25 M 0.0 Europa Park, Rust Germany
4.20 M +2.4% Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Tampa FL
4.02 M -6.0% Yokohama Sea Paradise, Japan
4.00 M 0.0% De Efteling, The Netherlands
3.80 M -9.5% SeaWorld California, San Diego, CA

The full press release is below the jump:

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Disneyland Paris in Sand Sculpture Festival Opening Ceremony

The always excellent Andy De Maertelaere of the MouseKingdom Blog was lucky enough to attend the opening ceremony of the Disneyland Paris Sand Sculpture exhibit I blogged about here the other day. The opening ceremony started with a small introduction about the project. The idea… Read More »Disneyland Paris in Sand Sculpture Festival Opening Ceremony

Cars 2 Segment Coming to Lights, Motors, Action

I was recently sent a little snippet from a podcast created by Ken Tangen that reveals some interesting details about an upgrade to the car and motorcycle stunt show that performs at both Paris Disneyland’s Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney World’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Yep, that’s Lights, Motors, Action.

You may have heard about a little movie from Pixar coming out this summer. It’s Cars 2, of course. And where better to promote a movie featuring a little red race car than a stunt show that also features a little red car.

I had heard that the Herbie segment would be replaced by Lightning McQueen, but I didn’t realize how extensive the new segment would be. According to the interview with Rob Pottorf, who composed the music for the segment, there will be an 4-5 minute segment with Tow Mater animated on the screen and a stunt car version of Lightening McQueen (and a bad guy) driving around and but not really doing stunts.

If you want to get a sneak peak, it has already debuted in Paris. You can see a video from that park below the jump:

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Disneyland Paris Big Thunder Accident Update

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Disney Magical Moments Festival at Disneyland Paris Grand Opening

Disneyland Paris just kicked off their 2011 promotion with high hopes and a big production:

I’m always impressed with the production value of DLRP’s shows.

Disney Magical Moments Festival at Disneyland Paris promises to bring a new level of fun to the parks. For those family with the Dream Squad at Walt Disney World, it sounds like something similar.

The full press release is below the jump:

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Disneyland Paris looks for money for improvements

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