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Cars 2 Segment Coming to Lights, Motors, Action

I was recently sent a little snippet from a podcast created by Ken Tangen that reveals some interesting details about an upgrade to the car and motorcycle stunt show that performs at both Paris Disneyland’s Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney World’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Yep, that’s Lights, Motors, Action.

You may have heard about a little movie from Pixar coming out this summer. It’s Cars 2, of course. And where better to promote a movie featuring a little red race car than a stunt show that also features a little red car.

I had heard that the Herbie segment would be replaced by Lightning McQueen, but I didn’t realize how extensive the new segment would be. According to the interview with Rob Pottorf, who composed the music for the segment, there will be an 4-5 minute segment with Tow Mater animated on the screen and a stunt car version of Lightening McQueen (and a bad guy) driving around and but not really doing stunts.

If you want to get a sneak peak, it has already debuted in Paris. You can see a video from that park below the jump:

What do you think? It’s a little more elaborate than the Herbie section, so I’m worried about it becoming a real drag on the show. But I’ll reserve final judgement until I see it in person. Looks like I have another trip to DHS ahead of me. The show is expected to open sometime this month in Orlando.

8 thoughts on “Cars 2 Segment Coming to Lights, Motors, Action”

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  2. Hmm… I’ve gotten the impression that it wasn’t very popular at DLP, and was only going to be over here. (And that it was very much just going to be temporary, as an promo stint before and just after Cars 2 came out, trying to drum up some business at the cinema in Europe.)

    The original DLP Herbie version is still the best. “And here’s the greatest stunt driver in the world!” No intro video, was an awesome surprise when Herbie drove on.

  3. IMO, the whole show could use an overhaul – the action is fun, but the story is stale. I like the idea of inserting Lightening, but it needs some speed and action. That clip was too long and slow.

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