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New Vinyl Figures at DisneyStore

I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of Disney’s Vinylmation. I think they’re off model in all the wrong ways. But I understand why people are a fan. They’re certainly coming out with all sorts of creative concepts for the series. For instance, I really love this new Vinylmation Sushi Set with 3” Figures and 2 Juniors that showed up at Disney World recently. Might have to break down and buy this set myself.

The Disney Store just announced another series of Vinyl figures that are much more in line with how I think Disney should be tackling the collector crazy vinyl figure market. Pop! Vinyl Figures (by Funko) take the characters we know and love and adopt them to modern design trends.

What do you think? Is Disney giving street design too much influence over the look and feel of its characters? Or are these just cute and that’s what counts?

12 thoughts on “New Vinyl Figures at DisneyStore”

  1. I’m not the biggest vinylmation fan either, but what I do like about it is the freedom they give to designers. For example there is the Colonel Critchlow Sutchbench figure that was designed (as I understand it) as an homage to the Adventurers Club born out of the nostalgia of the artist that designed it, not at the direction of someone else. So in this form some of our favorite closed attractions live on. And now of course they started making pins of the vinyl figures, so the Colonel is perpetuated. Coincidentally, I am wearing the colonel vinylmation pin at this very moment at work! Kungaloosh!

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  7. Never been a fan, but I do like the new line. I don’t see myself ever collecting them, but I’d probably pick up a few of my favorite characters.

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  9. These ones are adorable, but mostly because they at least look the characters. I don’t like the looks of vinylmation – too abstract for my taste, and I don’t know any artists after about 1700 (minus animators, of course) so I really don’t care who designed them. And at that price point, I have zero desire to get stuck with an ugly one; the surprise factor alone makes me reluctant to spend money on them, even if a few are ones I would want.

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