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Giant Sandsculpture Recreates Disneyland Paris

When I was a child I loved to build sandcastles down at the beach. I even entered in a sandsculpture contest or two. I was never that good, but there were many contestants who were. Some of those projects were quite involved. Giant dragons, huge castles, or other fun sculptures filled the beach during these competitions. Many of these sand sculptures even drew from Disney movies, which always made me happy to see.

However, none of these even hold a candle to this amazing gigantic sand-sculpture that recreates the Magical Moments Festival at Disneyland Paris totally out of sand. Photos of construction are here and the festival has also created this video (narration in Belgium).

Magical Moments from Disneyland Paris in Sand Sculptures from Filipv on Vimeo.

It’s absolutely unbelievable how detailed and extensive they’ve made this sand sculpture collection.

If you happen to be near Belgium you can go see this wonder for yourself. From June 10th until September 12th anyone can thrill to the great experience of the Magical Moments of Disneyland Paris at the Sand Sculpture Festival in Blankenberge.