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Christmas Strike at Disneyland Paris

I somehow missed the news that three unions at Disneyland Paris were on the verge of a Christmas week strike. The strike began on the 23rd, one of the busiest days of the year for the parks, over demands for wage increases in 2010. Cast members walked off the job during the middle of the day which resulted in canceled shows and parades. Amazingly the day also included an actual protest march right down the middle of Main Street.

Now that’s something you’d never see in the US theme parks. All those cast members would be arrested and trespassed right off the property. The worst part was that the on-stage activity directly impacted the vacation of many guests, who understandably booed and hissed at the marching cast members. The best part was how other cast members stepped up and helped make it better later in the day with extra entertainment.

By the end of the day, the union called off job actions. No word if further job actions will occur in the parks.

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