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Michael Jackson Tribute – Disneyland Paris 1992

Here’s another video from Youtube featuring clips of Michael Jackson as he toured Disneyland Paris in 1992 (when it was still Euro-Disney). I saw him a couple times at Disneyland and the scene was similar to this, although without the gathered crowds waiting to snap a photo and usually with a turban over his head.

In retrospect there is something sad about this, his every living moment in the public surrounded by throngs of people snapping cameras.

4 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Tribute – Disneyland Paris 1992”

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  2. I used to think about you
    Before I went ot bed
    But now all I think about today
    Is how you’ve passed away
    I written several poems
    Sang alot of rhymes
    But none come closer to my heart
    Since this onetime.
    I still can’t comprehend
    How It happened so fast.
    Your Family is in turmoil
    The joy wasn’t meant to last
    Your in a better place
    The pain has gone
    The world is mourning
    At your loss
    In many different ways
    I listen to your music
    Play your videos all day
    I celebrate with my friends
    As we dance the night away
    And we remember what you told us
    What we always need to believe
    “Live your life off the wall,
    That is what I will achieve.”

  3. His music, his personality, his message changed our world. He was unique and will stay one of the greatest of all times, he made history. He touched the whole world with his music and emotion. I thank his family for the beautiful ceremony and letting the world share it. I would like the Disney Company to show again the MJ movie Captain EO in the theme park. It was magic and I would like my children and future generation to see this. As a tribute, I hope someone in Disney will have this idea and make it happen.

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