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Disneyland Paris in the Snow, more photos

Matthew was kind enough to pass along even more photos from Disneyland Paris taken on a snowy morning in the park. I don’t think there is any doubt how magical this looks. Wish I was there.

2 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris in the Snow, more photos”

  1. That’s way too cool! Imagine, the snow on roof tops is actually *real* and the falling snow…oh that’s real too! way way magical!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks – was me that sent them over!

    Was a very, very magical time to visit indeed.

    Apart from Indiana Jones, and obviously Rivers of America, basically everything else was running.

    They were extremely well prepared. At one point I saw a woman sweeping snow from the pavement, dancing along and smiling as she did!

    It was very, very cold though, and also very icy.

    My one regret? I didn’t think to take ‘general’ photos and instead just acted like a tourist and took photos of me and my group! Oh well – still, was an amazing time to visit, and Phantom Manor looked best to me in the snow.

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