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disneyland paris

Morning Round Up – June 28th reports that movie patrons who see Ratatouille during the opening weekend can bring their Ticket Stub into the Disney Store and receive a free Ratatouille Pin. Is there really discontent at Walt Disney Animation Studios now that Lasseter and Catmull have imported The Pixar Way to the once floundering group? Steve at The Animation… Read More »Morning Round Up – June 28th

Disneyland Paris increases attendance, spending – still losing money

Euro Disney SCA announced narrowed losses and increased attendance for the first half of the fiscal year. Interestingly most of their losses appear due to fiscal charges on the companies debt. The company and the theme park and resorts it manages turned 15 this year. They’re also planning on opening new attractions. So it should… Read More »Disneyland Paris increases attendance, spending – still losing money

In Recognition of All Disney Parks

All of us have a preference for a specific park, a specific resort, or even a specific hotel. We are all very different, so this is not too surprising. However, one of the more disturbing results of this is that many fans have to prove to everyone that their preference should be shared by the… Read More »In Recognition of All Disney Parks

Euro Disney takeover bid?

[Update: ed. – Bloomberg reports that the takeover attempt was announced this morning] Reuters is reporting that Euro Disney SCA (owner and operator of Disneyland Resort Paris) may be subject to a hostile takeover bid by the little-known swiss firm Center-Tainment AG. MarketWatch had this to say: A statement from Center-Tainment’s offices said the company… Read More »Euro Disney takeover bid?

Lion King at Paris Disneyland

Paris Disneyland has had its troubles recently. The second gate is underbuilt, its debt load makes it nearly impossible to operate in the black, and there is some evidence the tight fisted management policies beginning to drive away the tourist. It used to be that once you got someone to the park, they were overwhelmed… Read More »Lion King at Paris Disneyland

Whew. That was Close

Apparently Disneyland Paris was in a bit more financial trouble than previously believed. It had to file for bankruptcy again. This new plan should provide it some needed dept relief and investments in new attractions. Hopefully things will finally turn around for this debt strapped company.

Mickey’s Papparazzi!

Lindsay Cave, whose photos of Disneyland Paris we’ve highlighted here before, has a new photo essay (part one and part two) on This time he artfully captures 69 of the 77 Mickey Statues created by celebrities for their favorite charities. The idea was to have 75 statues on display (the two extra were made… Read More »Mickey’s Papparazzi!

Disney Roundup: III

Checking out the top Disney Fan Websites, here are a few of the stories and updates that have been written in the last week: Doobie, from, checks in with his periodic LP Report concerning news and rumors from Disneyland and Disney World., has posted a half dozen excellent updates on the latest construction… Read More »Disney Roundup: III