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In Recognition of All Disney Parks

All of us have a preference for a specific park, a specific
resort, or even a specific hotel. We are all very different, so this is not too
surprising. However, one of the more disturbing results of this is that many fans
have to prove to everyone that their preference should be shared by the
community. Simply put, they love what they like and hate what they don’t like
quite as much.

This is no
truer then when diehard fans compare the various resorts, especially Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Members of the Disneyland and Walt Disney World fan communities seem
particularly inclined to try and forcefully convince the other that their
resort is the best.

Which is
sad. The Disney resorts do not need to be divided into us vs. them. All of the
resorts are very different by design and appeal to different people. The great
thing about them is that visiting Florida or
visiting California is not redundant – they are completely different experiences. This especially
holds true for the overseas Disneylands.

What I am
asking for is that those who prefer one over the other respectfully recognize
that their own feelings need not be the feelings of the general populace.
Instead, we should encourage everyone to visit the five resorts and decide for
themselves. And even if you prefer one over the other, that doesn’t mean you
must limit yourself to just that one. For a non-Disney example, I like mint
chocolate chip ice cream, but that doesn’t stop me from picking cookie dough
over mint chocolate chip on occasion. Likewise, while I (personally) hold Disneyland as my favorite theme park, I enjoy the other
parks as well and visit them as much as possible.

I look
forward to visiting all of the theme parks some day. While I have yet to make
it to Disneyland Paris or Hong Kong Disneyland, I do not consider any of the
resorts to be not worthwhile. So sure, I prefer Disneyland over Tokyo Disneyland
(the theme parks not the resorts), but if I decided that Disneyland was the
ultimate experience and never went to Tokyo, I never would have had the chance
to enjoy Tokyo Disneysea, or Pooh’s Hunny Hunt ride at Tokyo Disneyland.
Likewise, a diehard Walt Disney World fan needs to enjoy the intimacy of Disneyland, and a diehard Tokyo Disneyland fan needs to
enjoy the sheer immersion of Walt Disney World. By saying I like Disneyland, I am not saying I don’t like the others. Again, this
is similar to ice cream: ice cream is almost always good and a
preference for one does not constitute a dislike for the others.

What I am
trying to say is that each resort should not be so heavily compared to the
others, but instead valued for what it is. All of the resorts have their
problems, but they also have their strengths. It is these strengths that make
them unique, special, and loved by so many. So while you may have a preference
for one or the other – go see them all and enjoy them all. If you have seen
them all, then you need to go back and enjoy them again. None of the resorts are the same, and none offer
the exact same experience as the others, even on subsequent trips.

So the next
time someone asks which resort is the best tell them this: “I liked ________,
but to tell you the truth, they are so different you need to visit them all for

3 thoughts on “In Recognition of All Disney Parks”

  1. I so agree with you on this!

    Just like Alberto Disneyland Resort Paris is the nearest one to my home so I visit it as much as I can, but I was also lucky enough to spend 12 days at Walt Disney World and it was amazing!
    I would love to visit Hong Kong Disneyland and ofcourse the original Disneyland one day, but untill than I’ll take that 5 hour drive in my car to Paris and enjoy the magic …

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