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Fewer RV Parks Near Disneyland

Sarah Tully of The Orange County Register provides an update on Travelers World, an RV park northeast  of the Disneyland Resort that’s within the Anaheim Resort zoning, which has just closed.

Property owners had given the remaining residents six months’ notice to vacate the Disneyland-area park by the end of the year to clear the way for a proposed multiuse development, called Parc Anaheim. Lingering residents would receive three-day eviction notices.

By midday Sunday, about 25 RVs remained in the 296-space park, which also used to take tourists.

Previous reports noted a decrease in rent to help with moving expenses.  Parc Anaheim is planned to rise over the area, changing the local skyline.  You may recall that before the Disneyland Resort upgrade that began in the late 1990s, there were RV parks west of Disneyland Park, too.