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Lion King at Paris Disneyland

Paris Disneyland has had its troubles recently. The second gate is underbuilt, its debt load makes it nearly impossible to operate in the black, and there is some evidence the tight fisted management policies beginning to drive away the tourist. It used to be that once you got someone to the park, they were overwhelmed with its beauty and many offerings. Now the word on the street is that the park has suffered some in the last 5 years. Nothing that can’t be fixed in the longterm, but getting people to come back once they’ve heard of a bad experience takes more effort than just fixing the problems in the first place. This is something that Disneyland, USA is finding out now as they prepare for their 50th Anniversary and are finding many more places that need fixing that originally thought.

So it is a very good thing that Disneyland Paris has a hit on its hands. Based on Disney’s hit movie “The Lion King” Disneyland Paris’ The Legend of the Lion King stage show is drawing in the crowds, and deservedly so. has a review up with many photos by the excellent Lindsay Cave. Check it out even if you have no hope of visiting Gay Paris soon.