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Miniature Main Street Electrical Parade

I’ve been out of circulation from the various the Disneyland collectors groups for a few years, but I recognize Alex George as a kindred spirit. George has put together the following video of his project to make the Main Street Electrical Parade run down the miniature Main Street USA as recreated by artist Robert Olszewski.

First, I’m just impressed that George has the complete set of Main Street Disneyland miniatures from Olszewski. But to then take it to the next step and bring the MSEP to life is awe inspiring.

Below the cut is the actual parade running, in miniature, through the Olszewski version of Disneyland’s Main Street:

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Painter Thomas Kinkade Dies at Age 54

Thomas Kinkade, a prolific painter known for his painting style that infused scenes with a romantic glowing light, had died from what appears to be natural causes at his home in California. He was 54.

Kinkade claimed to be the most collected modern painter generating up to $100 million a year in sales. His mass-produced editions satisfied some need in families and could be found in galleries all around the world.

Disney fans will be familiar with Kinkade as he frequently painted scenes from Disney’s animated classics and the theme parks. Kinkade often spoke of parallels between his life and Walt Disney’s. Both traveled to California as young men with just a few dollars to their name and a portfolio to show their talent. Paintings from Kinkade’s Disney Collection are sure to immediately become more valued.

In the news: The AP and Mercury News

Photo from 2008 introduction of Disney collection.

Update: Below the jump, I’ve added a gallery of a few Kinkade paintings large enough where you can make out the detail he put into each work:

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POV Ride through Fan’s Classic Disneyland Nature’s Wonderland Model

Artist Sam Towler has built a fantastic model of Disneyland’s long gone, but much loved, Mine Train thorugh Nature’s Wonderland attraction. Replaced by Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in 1979, generations of Disneyland fans have grown up without knowing the simple magic of the original version. Thanks to Towler, you can now get the experience of an actual on-ride point of view.

This was filmed using one of those Hot Wheels car digital cameras. Not too shabby, eh. Compare with film of the original attraction. Find out more about his model on his blog. Be sure to visit his other blogs to see more creations, like this fantastic Casey’s Jr. Circus Train from 2008. (Video below the jump)

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MouseSurplus to be featured on Hit A&E Series “Shipping Wars”

Disney theme park fans know one word when it comes to finding a piece of theme park history to take home with them. That word is MouseSurplus. With a new location in Kissimmee, MouseSurplus is full of costumes, props, signs, and attraction vehicles that will make the Disney fans heart skip a few beats.

Now they get to share that passion with the audience of A&E series “Shipping Wars” on a episode airing February 7, 2012 at 9pm ET. The show will feature a a move of a Star Wars AT-AT Walker and and X-Wing Fighter from MouseSurplus along 192 in Kissimmee all the way to Orem, Utah.

The props were originally part of the F.A.O. Schwartz store in Las Vegas that closed in 2004. I remember them fondly.

The full press release is below the jump:

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Morning Report – Another Monday Begins

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget to file your taxes today, if you haven’t already. With that public service announcement out of the way, here are a few stories you might have missed: The Orlando Sentinel’s business team thinks Disney is on… Read More »Morning Report – Another Monday Begins