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The Disney Tattoo Guy Versus the Nicolas Cage Rule

If you’ve been a fan of Disney’s theme parks or a collector of Disneyana for any length of time there’s a good chance you’ve seen George the Disney tattoo guy. George is known for having a huge collection of Disney collectibles (at one time he claimed to have the most of anyone on the planet, probably not true) and for having the largest collection of Disney Tattoos of anyone on the planet (this is most likely true). George was prone to being economical with the truth when it suited the story he was telling, but all the encounters I’ve had with him have been pleasant, if brief.

So, I’m sad to hear that George was arrested Tuesday morning. He is accused of attacking and illegally imprisoning his Fiancee with whom he was staying at a Walt Disney World hotel. This is the same ‘dream woman’ for whom George was going to give up his Disneyana collection (he’d already sold many items at auction) and have the majority of his tattoos removed. The attack is being reported as a domestic dispute, which doesn’t make it right, but does remind me of how going on a vacation can sometimes be a stress-inducing experience.

Remembering to take a step back and calm down when you feel stressed on vacation is an important rule. But the whole story of George the Tattoo Guy reminds me of another rule I suggest: If you’re going to marry the girl of your dreams, don’t sell any collectibles or remove any body modifications for at least 1 year after the marriage. Put them in storage, wear makeup, or lend them to a museum for a year. But don’t get rid of them. You never know if the girl (or guy) of your dreams will turn out to be a nightmare once you start spending large amounts of time together. And frankly, you may discover you love Disney and your Disney collection too much to give it up. Disney runs deep in those of us who are big fans, it’s part of who we are. Changing who you are is the most difficult thing to do and love, even true love, may not be enough to accomplish it.

I call this rule the Nicolas Cage rule. Nic sold his huge comic book collection and much of his Disneyana before marrying Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie, who called Nic’s passions ‘Childish Stuff.’ Well it isn’t childish stuff and Nic and Lisa Marie’s marriage quickly fell apart and they divorced. Now Nic not only has to live without Lisa Marie, which I’m sure he doesn’t mind so much, but also without his favorite collectibles, which are more than just things, but also cherished memories.

We don’t know if George has encountered the Nicolas Cage Rule. There’s no report on if he already started the Tattoo removal process, but it’s too late for much of his Disneyana collection. That’s a shame, because if this marriage doesn’t work out, he’s now lost some of the joyful memories he could have returned to.

(More about George’s arrest at the Orlando Sentinel)