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Up House – More Pictures of Real Life House from Pixar

The Disney Blog reader Justin lives right around the corner from the Parade of Homes event site in Herrimen, Utah. That’s the site where a developer is building a full-scale livable version of Carl and Ellie’s home from Pixar’s Up. A huge thanks to Justin for sending in some more photos of the “Up House.”

By the way, if you want a tour of the house from Up, you’ll be able to visit as part of the Parade of Homes event. Tickets are on sale now and tours start on July 29th.

More photos below the jump.

Previously: Developer builds “Up” House from Pixar’s animated feature.

Click to embiggen, then right click to save to your computer.

Here’s the original from the movie from comparison:

What do you think? Can’t wait to move in, myself. If only it was closer to Disney World

Previously: Developer builds “Up” House from Pixar’s animated feature.

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  8. if I could find this in my area…
    I would move in an INSTANT!
    of course, in my area, 400,000 is not too far off the mark!

  9. I live across the field from the house. It is fantastic and fun. It just opened up for the Parade of Homes today and the detail that has went into recreating the interior pieces seen on the movie is fabulous. I suspect a collector will pay much more than the asking price. There are already bids placed for the home. The house features balloons on top during the weekends to give it a little extra special kick during the show.

  10. The exterior of the front porch should be yellow. If you look at the photo from the film, the peachy color is just a shadow. Kind of makes you lose faith in what other details the designer didn’t take care to properly replicate… especially considering he had to make up half the house.

    Nice idea, though.

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