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Project XL: Fans celebrate Walt Disney World’s 40th Anniversary

I’ve attended a number of fan organized celebrations and conventions in the past. However, none had access to the parks like WDWCelebrations has been able to get. That’s due in part to the nature of their events they work with Disney to make sure there is a low impact on the parks while still offering the best experience for the fans. Part of that means that space in the event is limited. So, when a new WDW Celebrations event is announced, it’s a good idea to sign up early.

Registration opened today for Project XL: The World At 40. Project XL is the organization’s seventh event since its inception in 2007. The fan-initiated, resort-wide celebration will commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort. The event will run from Sept 29th – Oct 2nd.

Working to create a truly unique fan experience, WDWCelebrations organizers have included group rides, gatherings for meals, two interactive competitions for coveted prizes, as well as the potential for some unique surprises during the event. Even the name of the event was the result of a fan contest! To see the tentative schedule for the largest WDWCelebrations event to date, visit

Core Team Member Marcus D’Amelio notes that “with such a significant anniversary comes a larger territory to cover—and WDWCelebrations hasn’t downsized any aspect of this Commemorative Event for our guests. We’ve supersized our guests’ favorite activities and stepped up the games to bring Project XL to another level. We’ve got big things in the works, so this will definitely be one WDWCelebrations event you won’t want to miss!”

Registration for Project XL: The World at 40 is now open. The nominal registration fee is $8 for adults and $3 for children, but until June 15, the fee is discounted to $6 for adults and $2 for children. As part of their Charity Initiative, a portion of the registration fee for each person (both adults and children) will be earmarked for a donation presentation, with all charitable proceeds from the event to benefit Give Kids the World. To register, please visit

So who is going?

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