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Disney Stores

Should Disney Use Pop-Up Stores?

We saw Disney Stores rise, expand rapidly, shrink, be sold off, and then reacquired by the Walt Disney Company, and recently it was announced that the stores would get a major overhaul. And bargain hunters have been happy to frequent “permanent” Disney discount outlet stores… Read More »Should Disney Use Pop-Up Stores?

Disney Stores Run Better By Others

Joseph Menn of the Los Angeles Times reports that Children’s Place does a better job of running the Disney Stores than Disney did – at least financially. Synergy with Disney’s entertainment operations was always the goal, dating back to when the stores opened under former Chief Executive Michael Eisner. But shoppers were eventually turned off… Read More »Disney Stores Run Better By Others

Roy Disney sell out or visionary?

At Scenes from a Hat Bigby wonders if Roy Disney sold out. He draws this list of items Roy himself said the company had to solve before Roy would end his campaign. 10 years of declining performance failing strategy lack of executive depth decline in working conditions and cast morale failure of ABC network failure… Read More »Roy Disney sell out or visionary?

Disney Store Deal Official

CNBC and Reuter’s has breaking news that Children’s Place and Disney have made official the deal transfering control of the stores to the children’s retailer. It’s a shame that the cast members who worked hard to make The Disney Stores magical are getting the short end of the stick here. For instance, employees of the… Read More »Disney Store Deal Official

Disney Store Benefits

The most recent comment on the Disney Store thread by ‘Billy’ mentions the new status of Disney Discounts and Benefits that will be available to employees of The Disney Store now that they have been purchased by The Children’s Place. If Billy’s post is true, then it looks like The Disney Stores will end up… Read More »Disney Store Benefits

Disney Store, further analysis

Children’s Place does hope to open up a Disney Store Outlet chain which would be a driver for growth while decreasing the need to liquidate inside the main retail stores. Some things that will not change is that the Disney Store will continue to sell adult merchandise as well as theme park tickets. Over on… Read More »Disney Store, further analysis

More on Disney Store Licensing

CBS Marketwatch has an article with some more detail on the licensing of The Disney Store to The Children’s Place chain. This is the first time I’ve heard that analysts blame the profit-loss on inexperience at Disney. I think they’re wrong. Experience can be hired and absorbed. What got Disney Stores in trouble was the… Read More »More on Disney Store Licensing

Disney Store Sale moves along.

The details required to complete the transfer of The Disney Store name and products licenses to The Children’s Place have begun to emerge. It remains unclear if cast members will retain any Disney discount other than at the Disney Stores themselves. However, it is clear that the Walt Disney Company will have to give up… Read More »Disney Store Sale moves along.